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Biodiversity-Related International Conventions or Agreements Ratified by Lebanon

• The Convention on Biological Diversity; ratified through law No. 360 (1/8/1994)
• The Barcelona Convention for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea; ratified through decree No.126; (30/6/1977)
• UNESCO World Heritage Convention; ratified through law No. 19 (30/10/1990)
• Protocol concerning Mediterranean Specially Protected Areas; ratified through law No. 292 (22/2/1994)
• United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change; ratified through law No. 359 (1/8/1994)
• United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification; ratified through law No. 469 (21/12/1995)
• Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance; ratified through law No. 23 (1/3/1999)
• African Eurasian Water Bird Agreement (AEWA); ratified through law No. 412 (13/6/2002)
• Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans of the Black sea, Mediterranean Sea and Contiguous Atlantic Area “ACCOBAMS”; ratified through law No. 571 (11/2/2004)
• International Treaty for Plant Genetic Resources

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