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Thematic Areas

Thematic programs and cross-cutting issues are described on the CBD’s website under Programmes and Issues.

Thematic Programs

The COP (Conference of the Parties) has initiated work on seven thematic work programs, addressing marine and coastal biodiversity, agricultural biodiversity, forest biodiversity, island biodiversity, the biodiversity of inland waters, dry and sub-humid lands and mountain biodiversity. Each thematic program establishes a vision for, and basic principles to guide, future work; sets out key issues for consideration; identifies potential outputs; and suggests a timetable and means for achieving these outputs. The COP has explicitly directed that the consideration of certain cross-cutting issues should be integrated into the thematic work programs. Periodic review of the implementation of the work program by the COP and SBSTTA is provided. It is envisaged that implementation of the work programs will involve contributions from Parties, the Secretariat, relevant intergovernmental organizations and other organizations.

Cross-Cutting Issues

Over and above the thematic programs there are a number of other items on the COP's agenda addressing key cross-cutting issues of relevance to all thematic areas. Essentially these correspond to the issues addressed in the Convention's substantive provisions in Articles 6-20. For example, work has been initiated on biosafety; access to genetic resources; traditional knowledge, innovations and practices (Article 8(j)); intellectual property rights; indicators; taxonomy; public education and awareness; incentives; and alien species.

Some cross cutting initiatives directly support work under thematic programs, for example the work on indicators. Others are developing discrete products, which in some instances are quite separate from the thematic programs - for example, the negotiations for a protocol on biosafety. These cross cutting issues have an important role to play in bringing cohesion to the work of the Convention as they provide the substantive bridges or links between the thematic programs.

The identified thematic programs are the following:
  • Agricultural biodiversity 
  • Dry and sub-humid lands biodiversity
  • Forest biodiversity 
  • Inland waters biodiversity
  • Marine and coastal biodiversity
Cross-cutting Issues are the following:

  • Access to genetic resources and benefit-sharing
  • Alien species
  • Article 8(j): traditional knowledge, innovations and practices
  • Biological diversity and tourism
  • Climate change and biological diversity
  • Economics, trade and incentives
  • Ecosystem approach
  • Global strategy for plant conservation
  • Global taxonomy initiative
  • Impact assessment, liability and redress
  • Indicators
  • Protected areas
  • Public education and awareness
  • Sustainable use of biodiversity

Thematic Reports-Lebanon

    1. Protected Areas 
    2. Alien and Invasive Species 
    3. Forest Ecosystems 
    4. Mountain Ecosystems
    5. Access and Benefit Sharing 
    6. Transfer of Technology and Technology Cooperation
    7. Implementation of Programme of Work for the Global Taxonomy Initiative
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